Engine regeneration for €32 – is it possible?

Under the influence of friction, engine elements undergo gradual degradation, which after years of use can lead to permanent damage to the drive unit. Modern engines often already at 150-200 thousand km. km start to use oil—which is the first sign of engine wear. Can the preparation for about €32 prevent unfavourable changes and improve the condition of the engine?

Engine regeneration for €32 – is it possible?

Engine regeneration for €32  – is it possible?

Every car owner protects the drive unit with engine oil. The role of the oil is to create a thin oil film that will not allow metal to metal to rub, which would quickly cause engine wear and seizure. Unfortunately, engine oils are not perfect, and the oil film can be broken, e.g. under heavy loads, high engine temperatures and frequent starts. It is also not without significance that it is now fashionable and recommended by some manufacturers to extend the mileage between oil changes, which also adversely affects the condition of the engine. As a consequence, all these factors cause semi-dry friction of the metal parts, and the mechanism wears out much faster.

The problem of wear is manifested, among others, by oil consumption, louder engine operation and increased fuel consumption. Ceramizer.pl brand preparations may prove to be a solution to these problems. How do these preparations work? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

How does ceramizer impact engine operation?


The use of Ceramizer preparations is very simple—just add them to the oil to start working when the engine is started. The process of layer formation takes about 1,500 km. Of course, we use the preparation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, which indicates in the manual what amount will be appropriate for a car with a certain mileage.

Under the influence of high temperature and friction, Ceramizer combines with metal particles floating in oil and rebuilds worn friction surfaces. In this way, an additional, extremely hard and slippery (friction coefficient of 0.02, i.e. 10 times less than in the case of the “steel-steel” contact) ceramic-metal coating is created, protecting against friction and degradation. This coating rebuilds worn places—the mechanism is regenerated and at the same time gains additional protection against friction.

Ceramizers can be used not only in engines. They will also work well during the regeneration of the gearbox or power steering systems. In manual transmissions, preparations of this type eliminate problems with grinding when shifting gears, facilitate gear changes and quieten the mechanism. Unfortunately, ceramizers are not suitable for use with automatic transmissions.

Preparations of this type can be used in various types of vehicles—in passenger cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles. Ceramizers are also popular with owners of sports cars. In addition, nothing stands in the way of taking care of the engines of garden machines in this way.

What other benefits can result from the use of ceramizers?

Correct geometry is restored and friction is reduced, thanks to which the drive unit runs noticeably quieter and more evenly, and starting becomes easier. Compression pressure in the cylinders is also increased, and oil consumption is reduced. The benefits should also be visible in your wallet. A regenerated engine will use 3% to 15% less fuel.

Which oil additive to choose?

We sell additives for oil from various manufacturers. Which one to choose? A safe solution will be a measure proven by a significant number of users. This criterion is undoubtedly met by the Polish brand (over 250 pages of opinions). The company’s products are easily available both online and direct.

The manufacturer has been present on the market for over 16 years and currently offers 12 preparations of various specializations. Such a long sale time confirms that products are safe and willingly purchased by regular recipients. The choice of products of this brand is supported by numerous, positive opinions of users on forums and tests on industry portals. As a curiosity, it is also worth watching the extreme tests of driving without oil:

Disadvantages of Ceramizer

Ceramizer brand preparations bring significant benefits, but it does not mean that they are free of defects. First of all, it is worth remembering that the agent was created for the regeneration of moderately worn mechanisms. It will not work in the case of extremely degraded engines that consume more than a litre of oil per 1000 km. Of course, the preparation will also not be useful when the mechanism fails. However, it can protect the engine from damage when the oil pan is damaged.

The disadvantages also include the fact that after applying the preparation, the driver should be careful about the number of revolutions. For the first 250 km you should not exceed 2700 rpm. Finally, it is worth adding that for the price of €32, we get a preparation that lasts for about 70,000 km.

More information about the product can be found at www.ceramizer.ie

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